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Signing a partnership Medical : Health - Digital algorithm

Signing a partnership Medical : Health - Digital algorithm

The Spinali Design Compagny announced the signing of a partnership with the hospital medical Victor Dupouy d'Argenteuil to work in search of a first link 'mathematical' between the skin type, the UV measurement, the exposure time and the type of sunscreen used.

Algorithm and health

The company continues its research in the medical and signed on 18 May 2016 a research agreement with the Hospital Victor Dupouy d'Argenteuil. The dermatology department of Medical Specialties division of Victor Dupouy Hospital has a significant research activity in the field of skin cancer which will enable effective collaboration.

The hospital and the company are bound to develop innovative solutions in the field of prevention for health, thus enabling to improve the efficiency of Neviano : the Smart swimsuit from Spinali Design.

This collaboration between the hospital Victor Dupouy d'Argenteuil and Spinali Design aims to search for a first mathematical relationship between the skin type, the UV measurement, the time of exposure, the sunscreen used and the possible risk of skin damage.

It complements the already initiated collaborations between Spinali Design and the CNRS for Chemistry and Spinali Design and CEA for electronics.

Democratization of the intelligent clothing

Media interest is confirmed and continues to smart clothes and especially for Neviano, who on the approach of the summer has been presented in the 'Journal de 20h sur TF1' on 1 May. Passages on other channels (France Television) are expected in the month of May 2016.

On fifteen months, over one billion people will have heard of the swimsuit connected through television appearances, radio passages and over two thousand articles in the press. Spinali Design is positioned as a world reference intelligent clothing.

Sales momentum is confirmed by good figures for the first quarter 2016

Having experienced a meteoric rise worldwide, Spinali Design launched its websites in six languages ​​(English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian) to strengthen its online presence in the markets concerned.

The Mulhouse brand born in February 2015, also decided to get into network marketing. With this new system, the company knows an acceleration from its sales allowing it to consider a development based on financing by positive cash-flow for Neviano.

Capital increase and IPO Financing

April 1, 2016, the company Spinali Design has consolidated its capital by opening its capital to private investors. The share capital has increased from EUR 10 000 to 210 000.

Moreover, the company records the support of BPI (Public Investment Bank) which grants financing in the form of a loan for improving innovation Neviano : the Smart swimsuit.

The international goal

The export outside of Europe from the Neviano remains a priority objective. The company put to the innovative nature of its creations and connected swim suits, on the quality of the products made ​​in France and the luxury image of French productions worldwide.


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