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In cooperation with a US company co-organizing the event, SPINALI DESIGN, based in Mulhouse, traveled to Shanghai to present its latest innovations in the field of DATA TEXTILE. More specifically, it presented its projects in connected apparel and medical fields, the latter involving the launch of a connected band-aid which is able to detect infections.
The company introduced to Chinese and Asian public in general -35000 attendants, with a good 90% of them being Chinese- the European savoir-faire in the field of connected apparel.
It  presented  the connected swimsuit NEVIANO, this time specially designed for the Asian public. It allows the user to be notified when there is tanning "risk", which has great importance as for the beauty ideal of Asian women, even more in China.
As pointed out by the company's CEO Marie SPINALI, "our challenge was to propose a product capable of meeting European standards in terms of manufacturing and design while taking into account the specific features of Chinese users".
In addition to NEVIANO collection, made in Mulhouse-France and its related applications, the company also presented the GPS jeans and the vibrating dresses -which guide the user along the way without having to use the smartphone and informs him/her when receiving important texts with no need for Internet connection; the connected dresses –which remind the user to wear them when they haven't been used for a long time and give fashion advice- and the sport collection, whose clothing supports the user in his/her training program –planned release in 2020.
Besides a catwalk show, the company also had the chance to come into contact with local companies directly at its booth. The goal of SPINALI DESIGN is to enter the chinese market and sell its products' licenses, or directly sell its made in Mulhouse-France products in Asia –China, Japan and South Korea. 


The launch of world's first connected swimsuit Neviano in Mulhouse on the 21st of May 2015 and the resulting media attention –above 1 billion people in cumulative audience thanks to more than 2000 press articles, television and radio-, which made SPINALI DESIGN the third most known French topic internationally in 2015, let the company obtain a remarkable space in the international scenario.
In addition to the languages already available on its website, the company is going to launch a chinese version too, while keeping pursuing its strategy in the US –from San Francisco-, in Europe –from Paris, Mulhouse and Basel- and in China from Shanghai.
Innovation is key to international promotion and SPINALI DESIGN intends to continue working in the field of DATA TEXTILE while keeping its European sensitivity.
Collaborations with French and international laboratories are currently taking place.
The target market particularly concerns export in Germany, Switzerland, North America, China, Japan and Australia.


Overcoming biological barriers by means of digital and biochemical revolution is crucial for SPINALI DESIGN.
The key point of the ongoing transformation concerns shifting responsibility from the user to the information system, namely to hardware and software, from the capture of information –through clothing, band-aid or keyboard- to information processing through algorithms and different reactions –vibration, email, notification, medical alert and so on-.


The company confirms its ecological vocation, which stems from the ideal of "less but better".
It goes even further and will launch a unique program of after usage purchase of SPINALI DESIGN clothes by the end of 2019, in order to avoid throwing away the brand's apparel and to restore products' value, especially if we consider that they contain electronics.
The company wants to be a step ahead and lead the way in the ongoing changes in terms of production and consumption habits. Actually, monitoring the whole production cycle already represents a moral responsibility for high added value companies.


The specificity of the products presented by SPINALI DESIGN makes the company responsible for its choices. Since its constitution, it has never modified the bodies on its pictures.
The company also decides to combine design and technology, trying to realize beautiful things according to the French and European fashion standards.
It wants to promote its French and European culture in China and the US by means of a research of differentiating artistic elements.
Whether by working with photographers, on the texts and music which plays along the catwalk show, on the promotion of women entrepreneuring, on its collections or on the whole set of elements being part of a culture in a globalized world, the company asserts its uniqueness, which becomes even more visible beyond French and European boundaries.
Design, application development –for Android and IOS- and medical research are mainly realized in  Mulhouse.

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