Clothes connected to facilitate the everyday life

Clothes connected to facilitate the everyday life

Connected clothes Made In France

After the swimsuit equipped with UV sensors, which indicates when to reapply sunscreen, here is the jeans which filters e-mails and gives routes. Created in February, 2015 by Marie Spinali, the mulhousienne start-up Spinali Design chose New York, the "homeland of the jeans", to present on September 19th of this year its pairs of shorts, skirts and connected jeans, after six months of development. Equipped with side chips sewn in the fabrics and connected by Bluetooth to its smartphone, these intelligent clothes were thought "to put a technological layer between the human being and the connected life", explains business manager, who, digital ambition obliges, addresses not customers but users. The function vibration allows to turn to the right or to the left.

Starting point of the project, the function "main part" consists of a configuration of its messaging by a system of words-keys to be defined: not the punishment to consult its smartphone permanently, the jeans vibrates only when it is important.

Geo-localization and function "ping"

Thought in Mulhouse and made in France in three western textile factories and of the region of Paris, this range also proposes a function of geo-localization which allows "to be guided by its jeans" thanks to the vibrations of chips and to the function "ping" for "call out to one another at a distance", specifies Romain Spinali, person in charge of the Innovation. This function has to allow to interact with its circle of acquaintances by a vibration personalized in duration, in frequency and in intensity. "Useful, when we want to draw the attention of a person in any discretion, for new uses in open space offices or for students, for example", adds the start-up. Other features still remain to invent so that the "user experience is the most pleasant possible". Between 129 and 159 euros, these connected clothes are already in pre-ordered on the site of Spinali Design for first deliveries from December 9th. The company, which counts about fifteen employees, banks on a first production of 10.000 rooms. "The best of the protections, it is the one of the speed", summarizes Romain Spinali, for whom "everything is to be invented in the field of the connected garment".

Hélène David, Les Echos
Corresponding to Strasbourg

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