Commercial launch of the collection 2017: D-60

Commercial launch of the collection 2017: D-60

Launch of the beanie ZAVO, the preparation of the CES of Las Vegas, presentation of a connected bag, a vision of future and novelties made in France.
It is to Avoriaz, on Friday, December 09th, 2016, that took place the third Technological Parade organized by the mulhousienne company Spinali Design.

This third technological parade was the opportunity "to think of the future" within the palace of the Festival of Avoriaz.

Presentation of the Neviano 2017
The new collection of Neviano (connected swimsuit) was presented in a conquered room. These products integrating an electronics allowing to be informed when it is necessary to reapply sunscreen, seduced so much for their character innovating that for their design.

The beanie Made In France ZAVO
Among the novelties, the launch of a beanie made in France which can integrate optional a small vibrating sensor to allow to ski while remaining connected.

Exclusive fashion Avoriaz
Fruit of a collaboration with the station, a unique model of Neviano (connected swimsuit) and a unique model of Zavo beanie will be exclusively proposed within the station. The alliance down from range, from the technology and from the fashion. The motive chosen in homage to the station which will celebrate its 50 years in 2017 immediately delighted the public.

The bag connected to clothes
Worried of returning the subtle, useful, beautiful and coherent technologies, the company launches in the field of the handbag, made in France (as the other products of it) brand), integrating a sensor allowing to have a vibration on sound Vibrating Connected Jeans Essentiel in case of oversight of the bag or of estrangement of the latter.

The Vibrating Connected Jeans Essentiel
Presented in New York on September 19th, 2016, this parade was the opportunity to present collections man and woman and to specify the functions of this quite new Vibrating Connected Jeans.

The new collections of Dresses and Neviano
The parade was the opportunity to present the collections 2017, Dresses and Neviano (connected swimsuit), made in Mulhouse and which make the success of the company in Europe and in North America.

Next stage for these products Made In France: The CES of LAS VEGAS.

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