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Even more connected, even more upscale and always made in Mulhouse - FRANCE, the new version of NEVIANO, the connected swimsuit, arrives. Let yourself be seduced by the star of the summer.  

Launched in 2015, the first connected swimsuit, the NEVIANO has quickly attracted worldwide interest in this revolution in the country of the bikini.  

Putting technology into a product that looked so basic, the bet was as risky as it was original and ambitious. The release of Neviano2 marks a consolidation of know-how and considerable technological evolutions.  

Made In France, High End and High Tech:

The three years since the launch of the first version of Neviano have been for the company, the opportunity for a quick learning, a refinement of methods and techniques and the formulation of a response to the various requests of the especially in the luxury sector.

Made In France and relocation.  

All NEVIANO is made in France in Mulhouse in a traditional way. Each swimsuit is signed by the designer who made it by means of a unique code printed in the swimsuit. Lycra fabric comes from Italy near Milan, wire from Germany, some electronic components from Switzerland and IOS / Android applications are developed at the company headquarters in Mulhouse.

Top of the line :

In addition to being made with high quality materials, Neviano is the object of attention. Thus, all Neviano incorporate an extremely comfortable inner lining to generate a second skin effect very popular with users (and users). In addition, the label disappears in these high-end products to be directly printed digitally on the fabric. There is no more risk of skin rubbing with an unsightly label or risk of gene (when the label is still trying to get out of the swimsuit).

High tech:

Behind this theme lies many innovations that have already made the success of Neviano 1 but have further evolved and perfected for a product even better thought. Thus, the UV sensor that was associated with the swimsuit is directly integrated in the Neviano2. It resists machine washing (although it is recommended to wash his Neviano by hand as for lingerie products), it is usable more than 2000h (nearly 300 days of use) and is associated with an application IOS / Android even more design and neat.

The flagship 'Cream Alert' feature that tells you when to reapply sunscreen after filling out your phototype on the app has been further enhanced to be more effective.

In addition to the Cream Alert function, the smartphone application also includes the "Valentine" function (it is your spouse who is informed a few minutes before you that it is time to come and put sunscreen). It integrates the basic "Club SD" (mini social network built into the application), the function "Alert remote" (for the Neviano child, when children are more than 50m away) and also the much appreciated function " Around me "which allows to know the interesting places around the place of vacation where you are.

Connected sunscreen, a new challenge for cosmetology:

Only 37% of sunscreen users know enough sunscreen to apply. Only 5% know the definition of a UV index and 10% rule ABCDE to analyze a mole.

Worse, the numbers are only slightly better for people who have had melanoma or carcinoma before.

Specifically, thanks to the connected sunscreen, it is possible to shower SPINALI DESIGN sunscreen capsules with its Smartphone before application so that it calculates instead of the user the quantity to be applied, the frequency of application and the conditions of use.

This function being tested will be generalized for 2019.

 Artificial Intelligence:

These new protection functions are gradually available thanks to the use of artificial intelligence systems that analyze in place of the user, all the parameters to be effective in terms of alert, but also in terms of advice good practices.

Prevention of the primary type remains the initial goal on these new technologies. The system thus presents a real interest in this field for dermatologists.

A very international market:

Neviano since its launch enjoys a considerable international infatuation. Even if its high price (more than 300 € the Neviano because of the minimum 5 hours of making made in France necessary for its development) does not put it to the financial reach of the very general public, this product meets a strong interest on the 5 continents.

Distribution agreements have been signed with MANOR stores for Switzerland and distributors for North America, Monaco and Dubai.

The first marketing support is the website (available in 4 languages, English, German, French, Italian).

The image of France abroad:

More than 70 years after the invention of the Bikini already initiated by French in 1947, this Neviano 2, embodies even more a very French philosophy of 'Be beautiful, be Rebel, Be yourself'.

This very marked taste since the 19th century in Europe for the romantic revolutionary style is reflected in the DNA of the brand and in its European positioning.

From Marianne to Delacroix's paintings, the French woman has character, femininity and is a symbol of freedom.

By creating SPINALI DESIGN, Marie SPINALI wanted to combine digital with textiles while presenting a range of clothing for all women. European culture is rich enough to allow and respect women who do not like to show themselves and to accept and understand that this does not interfere with others.

No photo editing at SPINALI DESIGN:

Since its inception, SPINALI DESIGN has chosen to retouch no body on the photos. At the time of generalized photo filters, the uniformity of appearances, it seems essential for the brand to be ethical in the manufacturing process of clothing but also to be transparent in terms of communication. It sounds like obvious.

A collection with new models:

New models as a demonstration of the know-how of the brand:

The Marilyn model: Like the icon of the 50s, the Marilyn jersey is chic and glamorous. Let yourself be seduced by this neo-retro creation as timeless as its source of inspiration, a nod to the iconic dresses of the actress who goes through the ages without getting a wrinkle. Your curves, even generous, will be highlighted by this atypical cut.

The Brilliant model: If we associate the satin effect and sequins more easily with our evening dresses, here is a new version of the swimsuit Neviano that we present to you. Available in three versions: two full-shirt jerseys and a bikini, the Neviano Brillant is offered in its unique color (bordeaux) accented with black sequins that give the whole a touch of elegance and refinement.

Braid style: bring out the amazon inside you! With its natural colors and a touch of gold, these jerseys covered with braids will sublimate your figure. Two original models, available in khaki or chocolate, that will attract attention for sure ...

The lace model: Without upside down, the lace is displayed in broad daylight on this new collection of jersey Spinali Design. A print that is reminiscent of the know-how of large French lingerie houses and brings charm and originality to this model bikini very indented.

The cherry blossom pattern: A bit of freshness and delicacy with this new Cherry Blossom collection. Declined around 5 models designed for all morphologies and all desires (from the wisest to the most daring), this very poetic motif of "sakura" flowers on a white background will carry you perhaps into the ephemeral beauty of Japanese gardens in spring…

Fringes model: This Neviano trikini fits in the Bobo-chic style. With its many fringes this shirt will sublimate your neckline, including for small breasts, and offer a solution for those hesitating between one or two pieces jersey. To hide certain parts to better reveal others, that always makes its small effect ...

Connected life:

Autonomous cars start to circulate on our roads, the progress in the field of communicating objects is fast and visible, the company SPINALI DESIGN continues its developments in electronics, computer but also textile and medical to offer products that integrate intelligently into this dynamic.

Neviano, whose name comes from the Italian Neve (snow) to illustrate the paradox of a product intended for the sun invented from a region (Alsace) very far from the sea and known as rather cold is the image extraordinary opportunities offered by the digital revolution.

The various projects of the company (connected clothes, computer science, artificial intelligence, health-well-being) are in link with its leader Marie SPINALI to integrate into the more general movement concerning "connected life". Neviano2 is a product totally related to this movement.

Many developments are underway and rapid changes in behavior and habits are likely to create new products, more respectful of manufacturing conditions and users.

It's an extremely exciting dynamic.

(Marie SPINALI founder and CEO of Spinali Design in the middle with its new models of Neviano2)  
Do not hesitate to ask more information about the products or the company SPINALI DESIGN by sending an email to

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