Before being CEO of SPINALI DESIGN, Marie SPINALI obtained her law degree. After the birth of her three daughters, she resumed her studies to obtain a web designer degree. She worked hard and became a manager of a computer company in an already very technological universe. A strong desire to work in the intelligent design sector resulted in the creation of SPINALI DESIGN in 2015.

Everything started from a vision :
While the founder of SD, Marie Spinali, was on vacation near the Italian town of Neviano, she saw someone getting a sunburn. She began to wonder, what could be better than a swimsuit that tells you when to reapply sunscreen?

It is the woman who can affirm her femininity while putting forward her skills and her intelligence. The image that SPINALI DESIGN puts forward is very important as it reflects the place of woman in society; it is even more important for Marie SPINALI because  she has three daughters.  She wants to show them that a woman can be can “Be Nice. Be Rebel. Be Yourself.”

True to its slogan, and in an attempt to banish clichéd ideas of the perfect woman, the brand SPINALI DESIGN continues to use only non retouched photos to promote its ESSENTIAL Jeans: a new policy to help women banish their imperfections and feel at home with the brand!

The SD adventure began with our NEVIANO, connected bathing suits using highly technical UV sensors that are connected to the Smartphone to help avoid sunburn.
As we progressed, we affirmed our ambition to be the leader of the connected smart clothing by developing a range of dresses equipped with sensors that allow a woman to interact with her entourage.

On September 19, 2016, we launched the Essential Women's Vibrating Jeans in New York.
Equipped with 2 vibrating sensors at the level of the belt and connected to a Smartphone, they will offer new functions like the guidance in the urban routes or to avoid the burn out of constantly looking at a phone screen. We therefore have the chance to revitalize the jean sector in France.

Marie combines her two passions, technology and design, by creating the first connected swimsuits of Europe. She hopes to show women that they can be a CEO of a company. She loves being an example to her team full of young women. Marie Spinali has overcome obsticles and sterotypes of women in the workforce. She hopes to contiune to break down barries women face with her brand Spinali Design.

"Be Nice, Be Rebel, Be Yourself" 

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