IAGO is the real brains of the intelligent Spinali Design accessories. Connected to your account on the Spinali Design app, it provides the elements that will allow you to have a unique user experience while using your Neviano and Connected dresses.

UV PROTECT IAGO is the Cloud system that defines models, curves and equations that make the protection elements within the framework of use of your Neviano. These made in research matrices take into account the variables of the sun, the users skin type, the exposure time, to provide the most appropriate recommendations.

IAGO EXPERIENCE is the Cloud system that allows you to manage all interactions related to your associated creations. Smart wardrobe, Wear-Me function, Alarm function, thanks to IAGO Experience you can explore all the possibilities offered by our smart accessories.

SD Connect

SD Connect is the communication protocol developed by Spinali Design. It allows you to manage the connection between the electronic chip and the technological devices.

The SD Connect protocol is part of the Spinali Design wish to make connected clothing popular and streamline its development. A game of instructions, requests and management of exchange that enable you to take the control electronics integrated to fashion creations.

SD UV sensor An ultraviolet ingenious sensor

The intelligent SD UV sensor interacts with Neviano, being in connection with the app Spinali Design and the IAGO system.

Men, women or children, the user can be notified in case of risk of sunburn thanks to the sensor interaction with the mobile app for IOS and Android. This new innovation of technology by SD allows the sensor to workk with your skintype and your sunbathing habits.

Sensor duration

The Spinali Design UV sensor is able to interact with your smartphone and has a time duration of battery life comprised among 80 and 360 days in full use (12 hours a day) dependning on the frequency of use. It is connected to your Spinali Design mobile app and works based on the information that the user enters at the time of its activation.

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