Neviano, the swimsuit combining safety, welfare and design

The Neviano application for IOS / Android presents a detailed graphic interface and an easy navigation. It allows you to use all Neviano's functions, being in connection with SD Connect and Protect UV . The intuitive menu ensures that the user can choose between a range of different useful and sensual functions. The app integrates the Multi-sensors function, the Distance function and the Valentine function.

The Distance function

All UV sensors interact with the app for smartphones; they have a system that notifies you when your child goes beyond a radius greater than 164 feet away.

The multi-function sensors

The multi-sensors management option allows you to control multiple sensors at a time. The user can control the UV rate of your children to protect them in the best way from the risk of sunburn by being alerted when it is time to reapply sunscreen per child.

The Valentine function

The Neviano application has a Valentine function that alerts the partner who should apply the sunscreen on your body before you receive the notification. An innovative, playful and sensual mix that combines business with pleasure.

Connected Dresses creation

The Plaisir dress : luxury, design, communication

Spinal Design designed a mobile application dedicated in particular to the previous related creations. The connected Spinali Design Plaisir dresses represent a first ever technology. They embody fashion, sensuality and technology, in six different models for day and night ideal for all styles and occasions.

The styles and technological creations are made in France, manufactured and designed at Mulhouse. The exclusive Spinali Design connected dress will give you the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, joining luxury, lifestyle and technology.

Thanks to the SD Connect protocol, the seven functions of the app allow you to break away from the everyday life and interact with the Plaisir dress after completing the User Profile.

Reassure your loved ones through a simple push on the sensor, you get a notification not to forget to wear your dress, takes advantage of your daring fashion tips, check your outfit use, become involved in sensual and fun couple games, and discover the magical story of every outfit.

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