There is necessarily a neviano for you

A range of 70 swimsuits numbered from 01 to 06 (from the most covering to the least covering), which combines design, sensuality, innovation and technology.

Live the High end, the label disappears for a second skin effect

Neviano increases your comfort thanks to its good quality and high-end lining, to the label digitally printed on the fabric, to the first quality of the materials, to the fabrics produced in Italy and to the extremely accurate made in France (Alsace) creations.

An application IOS/Android associated

The Neviano UV Protect is associated with an application for new experiences.
The functions "weather", "pics", and the services "suntanning tips", "sunscreen alert", will bring you the best of the digital when using our Neviano UV Protect.
The application integrates the function "Valentine" that prevents your partner that he must give you some sunscreen.
The Neviano UV Protect also manages the UV index, the Distance function and the Multisensor function.

Made in France

Comes in a design case with his silk paper, the Neviano UV Protect strives for excellence.
The making from the Neviano UV Protect and from its applications, in Europe and more precisely in MULHOUSE - France, ensures quality and an achieving more careful.


More than a brand, a philosophy

While creating the first connected bikini of the World, the brand continues its dynamic towards the link between technology, luxury, wellness and innovation.
Continuing to sublimate by technology, the compagny remains true to its values and its slogan:

"Be nice, be rebel, be yourself"

Assorted accessories to your Neviano

The refined beach dress in the colors of your Neviano or the napkin with comfortably dimensions (2m x 1.6m) will totally enjoy you for using your products Spinali Design.

Neviano: technical features

  • UHF RFID Chip
  • RENATA Battery
  • Silicon Labs 1132 Card
  • Low Energy Dina Stream Bluetooth Chip
  • SD Connect System
  • Digital Label Press
  • Fabric

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