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Pleasure Dress

A Connected Dress with 7 Useful and Sensual Functions

The Pleasure dress, connected to a sensor discreetly applied to the dress, changes the women and their daily lives. You can reassure your loved ones through a simple pressure of the sensor, receive fashion tips, set up your dress so you do not forget it in the closet or even do some mischievous games with your partner thanks to your connected Pleasure dress. A way of living, sharing, an unbelievable experience, a vision of the future.

A Choice that Makes You Unique

Six different styles for day and evening, the Connected Pleasure Dress gives charm thanks to a sleek and bold design. A glamorous dress that combines sensuality, fashion and class.

Be nice, be rebelious

Spinal Design has designed six naked back statement dresses that fit every woman and every occasion. From the more concervative to the more daring, Pleasure dresses reveal your sensual curves.

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