The smart card :
The principle is simple: retailers work together with each other to offer a new experience to their customers by using a card allowing individual users to accumulate points for each product purchased. This map uses NFC technology.

Why is it innovative ?
Spinali Design was the first to create this technology and as of right now it is only used in France.

It is an approach between the University, innovative companies, and retailers. The connected map creates the new digital reality of the city. It focuses on consumers getting more involved in the city center.The points created on the card are transferable to others to create social links between users of the city center. (ex: transfer and link to a grandmother to a granddaughter). This leads to the emergence of a local currency.
This transfer of points by all merchants is a sign of a new dynamic in connection with a choice based on experience by the user. This type of understanding comes directly from competition with the user experience on internet.The reality of a city is now also well digital and physical.

The data collected in the form of BIG DATA to improve the use of the city center.

The technology NFC
It is a contactless technology that makes the connection between the physical world and the virtual world. We use this technology to allow merchants to add points on the smart card. This card also allows retailers to know the balance of the points of the customer.
Retailers, equipped of an NFC reader consult the balance on the card of the client on computer or tablet!

A benefit card for the Customer
Users have the option of converting their points accumulated in gifts, they transfer their points to other people in their network, or they can utilize these points for other uses such as parking, cultural offerings, entertainment.

The principle is simple
The customer will receive 1 point for each of €5 of purchases.
Ex : a transaction of € 55, the customer receives 11 points.                                        From 100 points earned, the customer can redeem a gift voucher €10 valid in more than 260 shops in town.


The connected card of Mulhouse

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