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We made the choice not to retouch any bodies on our photos.
It is essential for us that the people presented in photo exist in reality.
It's a question of transparency and truth.
It is also essential to ensure that the youngest and most fragile (children, adolescents, ...) do not identify with unreal people.


We made the choice to present a variety of photos, to show technology and innovation.
We understand that some women do not want to show as much skin and we understand that it does not bother others.
For a French woman sensuality is part of her sensitivity.
We try to do only beautiful things and not give up our freedom.
From Marianne to Delacroix's paintings, the French woman has character, femininity and is a symbol of freedom.
We are from this revolutionary and romantic era.
It is our culture and we want to display it alongside our innovations and our work.
The physical representation of men and women varies by mode, history and place. Things were not the same from ancient Greece to modern times through the Middle Ages.
And what about geographical differences, indigenous peoples and different cultural currents.
SPINALI DESIGN, has chosen to express its own sensitivity. The woman is represented in all its dimensions.
We fully understand that it is in the American culture to celebrate Thanksgiving and give way to a certain puritanism (which is observed until the absurd on social networks). It's the choice of Americans, not ours as a French and European company.
We show who we are, attached to the Age of Enlightenment, to French and European culture, to romanticism and daring in all its forms: artistic, technical and human.
We accept criticism because we like transparency.