Connected sunscreen, a new challenge for cosmetology:


Only 37% of people who apply sunscreen know the exact quantity that should be applied. Only 5% know the definition of the UV index and 10% know the ABCDE rule that helps to examine a beauty spot.


Even worse, the numbers are hardly higher concerning people that have already had melanoma or carcinoma.


That is why SPINALI DESIGN company (provides services in IT, artificial intelligence and produces connected clothes) decided to cooperate with CNRS (the French National Center for Scientific Research), UHA (Université de Haute Alsace/Upper-Rhine University in particular with MIPS laboratory) and UNISTRA (Strasbourg University in particular with HUMANIS laboratory).


This collaboration was initiated in April 2017 and its main goal is to bring to a user new information while he/she applies his/her sunscreen.


How it works:


In concrete terms, a user will be able to scan the capsules containing sunscreen with a Smartphone before its application. The smartphone will calculate the needed quantity of the sunscreen to be applied, the frequency of reapplication and the terms of use. Due to a self-learning algorithm users will get the best sun protection. Even better, if a user is a happy owner of NEVIANO (connected swimsuit SPINALI DESIGN), the associated application will be able to calculate even more precisely the sun exposure risks. This project plans to develop a new sunscreen with reliable dermatological characteristics.


Artificial intelligence:


These new protection functions are gradually available thanks to the artificial intelligence systems which analyzes more parameters than a user in order to be efficient as an alert sender as well as adviser of good practice.


Analysis of billions of combinations is now possible thanks to the artificial intelligence which provides advice and efficient and appropriate recommendations.


The initial and main objective of these new technologies is prevention which connects to our fundamental shared desire for good health. In addition, these self-learning algorithms will quickly turn sunburn into a history.


Behavioral evolution:


Beyond the technology, SPINALI DESIGN is closely collaborating with the University of Strasbourg in order to follow the evolution and habit change that are noticeable as to the use of these new technologies.

This is the key success factor as to these technologies.


Presentation at CES of Las Vegas:


The first results will be presented outside CES of Las VEGAS at the beginning of January 2018.

They will appear on the market in spring 2018.



Made In France and export:


SPINALI DESIGN is loyal to the principle of standing internationally but being anchored locally.


Design, application development (for Smartphone Android and IOS) and medical research are carried out in Mulhouse.

The laboratories linked to the universities are located in the Upper Rhine and Lower Rhine departments.


We collaborate with French and foreign laboratories internationally.

The target market includes Germany, Switzerland, North America, Japan, and Australia.


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