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Our NEVIANO, High Quality Products.

While making high-end swimsuits in France we try to reduce the cost to a maximum extent. Above all we try to ensure that your Neviano is unique, made with passion by hand by our designers in France with noble materials and high-end components.  
Our fabric comes from the Bergamo Region in Italy, our electronics come mainly from France and Switzerland, our wire from Germany.

It is common to consider that sewing must be done in developing countries.
This is not the case with a product SPINALI DESIGN, all the manufacturing is carried out in France in Mulhouse. There are many steps to make a Neviano (cutting of the fabric, assembly of the swimsuit and the lining, integration of the electronics, test and verification, ...) that represents between 5 and 8 hours of manufacturing.
It takes years of practice to master sewing and this is reflected in the quality of your Neviano.

Having a unique product, made in France, with high quality and high tech has a price but it is also a very pleasant human experience to wear clothes that have a real history.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our products.